Do you want to propose one?

Collaborative events are fundamental for the production of open data, but most importantly to ehnance your skills and to have a ready feedback on your editing activity from other expert mappers. Knowledge sharing and capacity building are key points to obtain high quality data in a collaborative way.

We are organising several events with interested mapping groups, including:

  • Mapathons: mapping 'hackathons' where beginner or advanced mappers meet up to map together. Usually they are structured as following:

    1. Introduction to the mapping initiative and objectives;

    2. Brief explanation on how to map;

    3. Editing activity with many other volunteers like you!

  • Trainings: structured presentations to acquire specific editing skills while editing on our mapping projects. These typically cover:

    • Basic OpenStreetMap skills, suitable for beginners with little or no knowledge of open mapping;

    • Advanced editing topics, like production of landcover and landuse data;

    • Field mapping, to collect relevant point of interests with your smartphone or other tools​​​​​​

  • Mapping campaigns: if you are a member of a local community and live in the countries covered by our activities, let's get in touch to retrieve some point of interest on the field! All the activities will anyway take into consideration possible security issues as a main priority.

You can propose an event with your mapping group. In this case, just let us know through our social media (e.g. by tagging us) or fill our contact form. Remember to take pictures to commemorate the event!

If you want to organise a mapathon or a training with our UN Mappers team, just let us know through the contact form. At this stage we can cover trainings in English, French, Spanish, Portoguese and Italian.