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UN Maps is a mapping initiative that aims to assist UN Peacekeeping missions in their field endeavors, such as peace and security, navigation and logistics, by providing its peacekeepers with topographic maps that will help them in their tactical and operational activities.

Through this initiative, the Department of Operational Support (DOS) of the United Nations helps countries torn by conflict to create the necessary conditions for lasting peace.

Building upon previous initiatives in which the main objective was the production of topographic maps, the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC), the United Nations Geospatial Information Section in New York, and three peacekeeping missions - UNSOS, MONUSCO and MINUSCA - established in August 2019 the foundation of this new and wider global initiative.

At the moment, UN Maps is supporting the activities of 5 UN Peacekeeping missions:

Our community: UN Mappers


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UN Mappers is a thriving community ranging from UN personnel on the field (GIS groups, UN offices, military and police) to academia (high schools and universities), from local communities and NGOs to any remote volunteer in the world.

Learn more on all the services we are providing to the UN Mappers community:

  • Check the UN Maps Learning Hub, our educational platform with courses on OSM editing, tests and certificates!

  • Discover how to map and how your data will be used to ensure peace

  • Join other mappers to share your experiences and map together!

Did you know that many UN Mappers around the world are contributing millions of edits on OpenStreetMap? You can track your edits through our UN Mappers Leaderboard to see if you are one of the best UN Mappers out there! Also, don't lose the opportunity to be showcased in our Voice of the Community page, or to get in touch with other mappers through our Discord server!