The UN Mapper of the month - June 2024

Our Mapper of the Month for June 2024 is Angie Lorena Trujillo, an Environmental Engineer and GIS specialist from Colombia who joined our OSM validation course. Angie loves learning, participating in events, and contributing to society's welfare. She finds great satisfaction in technical and mapping work, directly supporting the community. Active in social and cultural activities in Colombia, she enjoys the enriching experience of being part of the OSM world. Discover more about her contributions and experiences in the full interview. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Angie Lorena Trujillo. As an Environmental Engineer and GIS specialist, I deeply value the opportunities life has given me and my adaptability. I love to continuously learn, participate in events, and contribute to the welfare of society. My adaptable nature allows me to get involved in various areas, though I find greater satisfaction in technical and mapping work, where I can directly support the community. 

In Colombia, I enjoy actively participating in various social and cultural activities, which brings me joy and satisfaction. Being part of the OSM world and collaborating with such a cooperative team is an enriching experience for me. Currently, I am participating in the DataCamp Donates Scholarship Program by HOT, where I am learning Python, and I will soon begin a Humanitarian Mapping course with HOT, known as the Mapping Lab. Additionally, I am dedicating time to improving my English, recognizing its importance in communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

I spend my free time enjoying movies, sports, and exploring new places, always with the desire to meet diverse people and cultures. I hope my knowledge and experience can be useful to serve the community, as my main goal is to contribute positively wherever necessary. 

How did you know about UN Mappers?
I had known about UN Mappers for years, but it was upon joining the OSM Colombia Community that I began to take an active interest in their programs. Through this community, I discovered that UN Mappers is an exceptionally active and participatory group dedicated to promoting best practices in the use and quality of data for community mapping. I learned about their various activities, courses, and projects designed to enhance members' skills in open mapping. 

Participating in these initiatives has been an incredibly enriching experience. I have had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, attend practical workshops, and collaborate on meaningful projects aimed at improving cartography and the data available to various communities. These experiences have not only enhanced my technical knowledge and skills but have also enabled me to contribute more effectively to the open mapping community. 

Through my involvement, I have developed a deeper understanding of the importance of community mapping and the need to maintain high-quality standards in the data collected and used. This has motivated me to continue engaging and learning, with the goal of positively contributing to any mapping project I participate in. 

You participated in our training for validators. How did it seem to you? Which topic did you find the most interesting? 
My mind was almost blown when I discovered essential tools for data validation that I previously didn't know as a mapper. Learning to use Overpass Turbo, OSMCha, and OSMOSE has been a great opportunity to improve my skills as a validator. I'm happy to have met Severin, who has been very patient, and to have a space to interact with people from different countries and cultures. It has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. 

Furthermore, I find participating in these courses very interesting. Learning to map voluntarily and autonomously can create knowledge gaps, especially when working with data that can vary based on interpretation and subjectivity. Therefore, participating in a guided course with different perspectives is beneficial for strengthening our knowledge. 

Additionally, I have discovered that those of us who enjoy active mapping and using OSM data must delve deeper into our skills and knowledge to offer higher quality mapping. This not only improves our technical capability but also allows us to contribute more significantly to the global mapping community. Every tool we learn and every interaction we have with other mappers enriches our understanding and motivates us to keep improving. 

Regarding your mapping activity and your journey, what lessons would you like to share with other members of the community?
Thanks to what I learned during the course; I have had the opportunity to identify issues on the map of my country. Using this knowledge and identifying these errors, I can undertake collaborative projects using other tools like MapRoulette. This allows different people to contribute to improving the quality of the information collaboratively. 

This approach not only enhances the accuracy of the data on our map but also fosters a sense of community and cooperation among mappers. By involving more people in correcting and updating the maps, we are creating a more robust and reliable resource for everyone. Additionally, working on these collaborative projects has allowed me to connect with other passionate mappers and learn from their experiences and knowledge. 

The ability to identify and resolve issues in the map is crucial for maintaining the integrity and usefulness of OSM data. Through these initiatives, we are not only fixing errors but also educating the community on the importance of data quality. Each collaborative project is an opportunity to improve our collective skills and contribute to a common goal. 

When do you map? (Weekends, free time, in your working time?)
I enjoy participating in community activities and strive to use my time efficiently. I take advantage of free moments during the weekdays to map and always try to be available when the community needs me, especially for humanitarian mapping activities. 

Do you enjoy mapping? Why?
My interest in mapping grew alongside my professional development. I have always enjoyed looking at maps to orient myself and I am fascinated by following the course of rivers, admiring their majesty. I am passionate about environmental mapping as well as humanitarian mapping, recognizing the significant importance both can have. 

Additionally, I have found a passion for taking photographs of lesser-known places in my region. Therefore, I learned to use Mapillary, and I love viewing photographs there because they are easily accessible to people and serve as an excellent tool to ensure the quality of existing map information. These images not only help improve map accuracy but also allow others to discover and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these places. 

Combining my enthusiasm for photography with mapping has been a very rewarding experience. Not only can I contribute to the accuracy and detail of maps, but I can also share my perspective and discoveries with a broader community. Through these activities, I hope to inspire others to value and preserve both our natural environment and our communities. 

In which countries do you map the most?
Currently, I map in Latin America, with my contributions focused on Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador, as I have been participating in emergency mapping activations. 


Angie Lorena Trujillo