The UN Mapper of the month - November 2022

Meet our mapper of the month for November. Włodzimierz Bartczak (Cristoffs in OSM) is a Polish mapper who actively participates in his country's OpenStreetMap community and has recently discovered UN Mappers. He is interested in tourism, cartography and new technologies.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Professionally, I have been involved in the retail industry for more than 30 years. I am interested in tourism, cartography and new technologies. I devote much of my free time to active participation in the Polish OpenStreetMap community. I am vice president of the OpenStreetMap Association Poland (OSMP).

How did you know about UN Mappers?
I participate in several projects with Bartek "ptarac" Raclawski. He was the one who showed me the UN Mappers project and told me about the whole initiative. I thought it was worth helping out.  

When do you map?
I don't have fixed hours. I definitely map more during Winter.  My work is not tied to fixed hours so a lot depends on that.

Do you enjoy mapping? Why?
Maps have always fascinated me. When I grew up, they were a window on the world. Over the years, I used them to plan my leisure time. Then I discovered OpenStreetMap and found that I could also create them and help others with my work. Since 2019 I have been actively participating in the work of OSMP and every year I get more and more involved in mapping. I am responsible for the project and The UN Mappers project mapping is just another project through which I am happy to help.

In which countries do you map the most?
I am mapping in Poland and more recently in connection with the UN Mappers’ projects in Somalia





Włodzimierz Bartczak