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UN Geospatial


UN Geospatial

The United Nations Geospatial comprises geospatial professionals in the Office of Information and Communications Technology, Global Service Centre, and further offices in peace operations and their field missions. Geospatial data and services are coordinated by the Geospatial Information Section at the United Nations Secretariat headquarters in New York, and the Client Solutions Delivery Section of the Global Service Centre in Brindisi, Italy. 

Together, we provide geospatial data, analysis and services for decision-making and operational support to the Security Council, the leadership of the Organization and its Secretariat services, including the United Nations Operations & Crisis Centre. The team is also augmented by geospatial experts in peace operations and their field missions, and supporting Regional Commissions and Offices Away from Headquarters.  On a per request basis, the UN Geospatial services also supports and coordinates activities with the geospatial solutions and services of Agencies, Funds and Programmes.  

The team also has Co-Secretariat responsibilities, with the Statistics Division, to the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM). 

UN Open GIS Initiative




UN Open GIS Initiative, established in 2016, aims to identify and develop an Open Source geospatial bundle that meets the requirements of United Nations mandates and operations, taking full advantage of the expertise of partners: Member States, International Organizations, Academia, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Private sector. 

It provides a unique opportunity to address mainstream Open geospatial technology and data requirements for the United Nations, International Organizations, NGOs and Humanitarian Community and for Member States in particular for developing countries. 

Current developments are focused on developing a Hybrid GIS architecture and infrastructure to integrate open source and proprietary geospatial platforms to effectively and efficiently support United Nations operations. 

Further information available on the UN Open GIS Initiative website.