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Take action by supporting UN peacekeeping missions with your OpenStreetMap mapping. Every single edit makes a difference. Choose the project you like best and contribute topographical data such as settlements, buildings, roads or waterways. In each project you will find a set of instructions on which features to map. The data entered will be processed to produce the topographic maps that peacekeepers use during their operations. In addition, all data will be publicly available and can be used by actors on the ground, such as local communities and NGOs.



Take part in our events! Get to know our team and community members. Throughout the year we organise training events and mapathons, both locally and remotely, thatare open to everyone. Whether you are a user interested in getting started or an advanced mapper, we look forward to seeing you. Together we will see not only how to make the first edits to OSM but also how to use the most advanced tools for mapping topographic features. Keep an eye out for upcoming events in the map!


Partnerships and Collaborations

Cooperate with us. Would you like to host a UN Mappers event or would you like to propose a project? Contact us. We are open to collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of organisations, from local communities to academia, such as schools and universities, associations, NGO's and other UN agencies. Find out more.



Read the latest news, find out what's going on in the UN Mappers world. Tell us and share your story or project related to topographic mapping and UN Mappers with the community. From the pages of the blog, inspire other members and support humanitarian mapping to help secure peace in conflict-affected places. Submit your blog entry!



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Voice of the Community

Your voice is important to us! For this reason we have created Voice of the Community, a space to share with you our best contributors and their thoughts. You can read of not only the voices of the best mappers, who have made a difference with their contributions, but also of those who have distinguished themselves within the community for their valuable skills. Ready to meet them?